MARTY Marguerite Marcelle 1918-v2003v portrait

Marguerite Marcelle MARTYAge: 89 years19182007

Marguerite Marcelle MARTY
Given names
Marguerite Marcelle
Birth November 4, 1918
Death of a husbandRaoul Frédéric DELMAS
June 12, 1979 (Age 60 years)
Burial of a husbandRaoul Frédéric DELMAS
about June 1979 (Age 60 years)
Number of childrenRaoul Frédéric DELMASView this family

Note: Liliane Solange MARTY / Nicole Irène MARTY
Death December 16, 2007 (Age 89 years)
Burial about December 2007 (Age 89 years)
Family with Raoul Frédéric DELMAS - View this family
MARTY Marguerite Marcelle 1918-v2003v portraitMarguerite Marcelle MARTY
Birth: November 4, 1918Tauriac 46313, Lot, Occitanie, France
Death: December 16, 2007Saint-Céré 46251, Lot, Occitanie, France
Raoul Frédéric DELMAS + Léontine Marie Camille VIEILLESCAZES - View this family
husband’s wife
Marriage: before 1920Carennac 46058, Lot, Occitanie, France

Number of children

Liliane Solange MARTY / Nicole Irène MARTY

Media objectMARTY Marguerite Marcelle 1918-v2003v portraitMARTY Marguerite Marcelle 1918-v2003v portrait
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